Timesheets/Pay period:

Q. How do I set up my ADP account?

A. Instructions are found in the onboarding email from HR. For assistance, please contact My Life Advisors at 855-547-8508

Q. When is my timesheet due?

A. Every Tuesday, before NOON.

Q. What does a completed timesheet need for approval?

A. Supervisor and your signatures, legible punch in and out times, including breaks on the correct dates with the Unit floor. On call hours can not be overlapping regular hours. A 30 min lunch break will be deducted if not indicated on the timesheet.

Q. Where do I send my timesheet?

A. Email to timecards@inkstaffing.com, please do not text or fax your timesheets.

Q. What if my facility uses Kronos?

A. Please send a clear Kronos image

Q. What if my facility uses a different pay period?

A. Please use the facility pay period. Your scheduled hours for the week must be within the pay period.

Q. When is payday?

A. Every Friday if your sheet was submitted by noon Tuesday.

Q. What if I need to change my account for direct deposit?

A. It is recommended that before closing the old account to wait until your paycheck is deposited into the new account to avoid any potential problems

Q. How do guaranteed hours work?

A. If you are asked by the facility to work less than the guaranteed hours, this must be signed off by your supervisor, these hours will need to be approved by the facility before being paid. If you request to leave early or time off, you will not be paid the guaranteed hours.

Q. What is a stipend?

A. A stipend is tax free and is a government set amount, the stipend is for meals and lodging. The stipend is part of your hourly wage, if you work less than your guaranteed hours, it will be adjusted accordingly

Travel Reimbursement:

Q. How much does Ink Staffing reimburse for travel expenses?

A. $250.00

Q. What is eligible for travel reimbursement?

A. Gas, air travel, and hotel stays with valid receipts

Q. Are car rental or personal expenses reimbursed?

A. No, car rental, parking fees, moving expenses and food is not reimbursable

Q. Are scrubs reimbursed?

A. No, scrubs and uniforms are not reimbursable

Q. Is mileage reimbursed?

A. No, unless specified by the facility

Q. How will I get paid the travel reimbursement?

A. Half to be paid in the beginning of the contract and the remainder upon fulfilling the contract


Q. Does Ink provide housing assistance?

A. No

Onboarding process:

Q. How long do I have to complete the onboarding process?

A. The onboarding process is time sensitive, and must be completed in the timeframe specified in the correspondence to avoid your start date being delayed

Q. Will I be paid for the time to complete the core competencies?

A. It is not reimbursed


Q. What kind if insurance am I eligible for?

A. Medical, Dental and Vision

Q. When do medical benefits begin?

A. Day 31

Q. Will I receive information about enrolling?

A. Yes, at the end of the onboarding process, you will receive an email from HR that will explain how to set up your ADP account. Once you have your account set-up, you can enroll in medical insurance.

Q. How long do I have to enroll in medical insurance?

A. 14 days

Q. Can I add dependents to my medical insurance?

A. Yes, at 100% out of pocket

Q. When am I eligible for the 401K?

A. After 90 days, enrollment is through your ADP account

Q. Is there a company match?

A. Yes, 1%

Q. Am I eligible for vacation or paid time off?

A. Yes, PTO begins accruing after 12 months of employment with Ink Staffing

For those in AZ, WA, CA there is an exception

Referral Bonuses

Q. Do you offer referral bonuses?

A. Yes!